Sell globally on one platform

Global expansion and growth is exciting, but often comes with a lot of uncertainties. From tech integrations, foreign currency and language support, to compliance, it can be challenging to navigate the space without help. Get the support you need so your business can thrive no matter where you choose to go.

Reach more people with less resources

Looking to enter a new market? Let Intershop pave the way. With decades of experience, we’ll be able to give you a hand as you grow your business beyond borders.

Add new channels and touchpoints in weeks, not months

Offer products across the world or localise products to each market

Experiment quickly with new products and strategies

“Our international operations demand an enterprise solution, while considering the size of our e-commerce teams in emerging markets. Intershop is cost-effective, easy-to-manage, and enables us to upgrade our online operations without the expensive expansion costs.”

Heyley Clarke

Group Marketing Director

Scale internationally with confidence

Whether you plan to sell the same product around the world or localise to every market, Intershop supports international expansion models, hybrid models, and everything in between.

Reach new customers in new places

Are you looking to scale your business by entering new markets? We can help you sell internationally with a low-development setup.   Here are some of the capabilities Intershop offers:

Channel & touchpoint

Create channel and touchpoints from how you structure your business

User management

Create back office users, departments and assign access rights to relevant channels and touchpoints, have different teams own different part of the operations

Share products

Share catalogue, categories and products

Share integrations

Service framework to share integrations with backend and third party services

Share branding

Decide what is centralised and what is localised

Win new customers with localisation

Every market is unique. Intershop’s localisation capabilities lets you display local messaging, offerings, marketing campaigns, attributes and integrations, so you get a head-start in every new market effortlessly.

Reach customers everywhere

Every market is unique. Intershop helps to localise SEO requirements so they reach the right customers no matter where they are

Manage product information

Every market is unique. Intershop helps to localise SEO requirements so they reach the right customers no matter where they are

Get the right products to customers quickly

Intershop helps manage the rules for product inventory, pricing, and shipping methods

Conduct cross-border transactions with ease

Conduct cross-border transactions with ease

Think big, make it happen

Take your business to new heights with Intershop.


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