Efficiently manage orders from all sales channels

Intershop Order Management is the single source of truth for orders from every touchpoint and inventory from every location. Easily streamline orders, returns, payments to deliver more efficiently and sustainably with fewer mistakes.

Consolidate orders

Manage orders, payments, and shipping for your customers from any channel or device in one backoffice

Consolidate inventory

Optimise fulfilment and delivery with real-time inventory from warehouses and suppliers

No wasted time

Simplify complex order routing with rule-based automation to determine the most optimal workflow

Reduce fulfilment errors

Define customers’ processing rules, shipping preferences, and other details so that orders are delivered correctly every time

Order management capabilities

Get your orders to customers on time, every time, regardless of where they are

Omnichannel order

Centralise orders from all channels

Track orders & status

Partial delivery

Track payment

Return & refund

Enterprise inventory

Supplier inventory

Multi-warehouse inventory

In-store inventory

Inventory reservation

Inventory by sales channel

Requests from sales channel

Complex product data

Multi-classification system

Multiple suppliers per product

Product end-of-life handling

Multiple product ID handling

Payment overview

Complex pricing

Multiple pricing per variation

Multiple price types

Channel-specific pricing


Multiple customer ID handling

Multi ship-to & bill-to addresses

Multi-currency per channel

Customer orders & invoices

Customer payment snapshot


Supplier user interface

Supplier return & refund

Supplier shipping types

Manage supplier by sales channel

Configurable business processes

“E-business is more than a webshop. We provide a vending machine full of tools and a smart storage cupboard that detects products on the shelf. Our customers can also manage stock and purchases on-site with an app or a hand scanner.”

Gerard Scheffel

E-Commerce Manager

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