Unify all your sales

Combine self-serve, in-person, and sales-assisted channels. Move away from fragmented sales processes that leave revenue and customer data disconnected and inaccurate.

Double your revenue in the same amount of time

With a single reliable source of revenue and customer data, you can reap the benefits of hybrid selling with none of the hassle.

A platform for omnichannel success

From self-service to taking a sales-assisted approach, Intershop is the source of truth with tools you need to sell successfully.

Support at every touchpoint

From product research to customer insights, help customers purchase quicker and more efficiently.

Product research

Look up product information, price, and inventory

Order and payment

Check order status, view and manage invoices and payment

Approval and quotation

Setup cost centres, departments, and budget at any level. Give your customers access to your catalogue, send RFQs, and purchase from quotes

Dedicated sales team

Help clients respond to customer-specific information. You can even place an order on your customer’s behalf

Actionable analytics

Gain insights into customer behaviour, preferences, and purchase history to personalise offerings and improve customer experiences

Efficiently manage orders from all sales channels

Give every customer their best purchase experience, no matter where they choose to buy from.

Consolidate orders

Manage orders, payments, and shipping for all customers from any channel or device

Consolidated inventory

Optimise fulfilment and delivery. View real-time inventory from all warehouses, suppliers, and branches

Order routing

Save time by simplifying complex order routing with rule-based automation to determine the most optimal workflow

Define rules & preferences

Setup customer’s specific-rules, shipping preferences and other details so that orders are delivered correctly every time

The catalyst for a connected sales ecosystem

Intershop APIs and connectors are designed to facilitate information exchange between any business application, ensuring that workflow remains uninterrupted and data remains consistent

Low-code platform

Connect sales motions and facilitate fulfilment with a low-code platform

Build own APIs

Build your own APIs with REST framework

Pre-built integrations

Explore pre-built commerce API and integrations

Grow revenue with more control

Omnichannel selling doesn’t have to be complicated. Let us show you how it works.


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