Personalisation is for everyone

People have different wants and needs, so why offer the same static content? Provide a truly customised experience for every customer by creating a tailored journey that reflects their preferences, behaviours, and needs.

Better customer satisfaction, always

Improve the experience for new and existing customers with personalised content and see conversion rate and satisfaction improve.

Showcase the most relevant products to every customer

Meet customers where they are in their purchase journey

Proactively introduce new products and grow sales

Make every interaction personal

Customers are at your doorstep, so don’t turn them away. Every interaction counts so cater to your user’s unique preferences and needs with Intershop’s personalisation capabilities.

Dynamic storefront experience

When customers walk into a brick and mortar store, they’re greeted by a salesperson for a personal touch. Give them a similar experience online with custom content that resonates.

Personalised homepage

This is specific to every user in the organisation. The homepage provides everything they need to know at a glance

Customised catalogue and inventory

Show customers a dedicated catalogue and inventory with adjusted pricing

Proactive notification and suggestions

Whether there’s a price change or low inventory, send notifications and keep users updated on the products they’re interested in based on their browsing history

Configure user preferences and access

User configuration ensures that only authorised users can access sensitive information, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorised access.

Manage user profiles

Account admins can assign roles and permissions required for each user as required. They can also assign users to different departments and cost centres

Protect sensitive data

By limiting user access to only the specific functions and data required for their job, confidential information is always kept secure. For example, product price and inventory can be shown only to users with the right access.

Enhance personalisation with external and historical data

Information is everywhere, and it’s up to us to make the most of it. Use all the data available to understand customers better, so you can serve them better.

Connect to unlimited data sources

Find out what your customers like, what they’ve ordered in the past, and how often they do it

Create knowledge graph

Combine data from various sources and connect the dots for a bigger picture

Build the algorithm

Launch quickly from templates or customise your own algorithm to influence search results and content personalisation

Test and train

New and existing search and recommendations logic quickly

Brands that have digitised their sales process with Intershop

Hyper-personalise your customer experience now

Engage with customers like your best friend, and they’ll treat you like one too.


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