Go headless for a more flexible customer experience

Intershop Commerce Platform is headless. This means the front-end is separated from the backend commerce functionalities, so brands have the freedom to build their frontend any way they want, and connect to as many touchpoints – like mobile apps, voice assistant, and IoT devices – they need.

Innovative headless commerce use case

Explore commerce opportunities from unconventional touch points.

Smart Shelf

Smart Shelf can detect change in inventory when something has been removed or added. It can send an automated alert to suppliers when inventory is running low, so they can replenish before you run out of stock.


Leverage the ability to see spatially to open up complex product structures. Having clear visibility with precision means you can order the spare parts you need quickly when you need them.

IoT devices

Smart Drill is an example of how everyday objects can be connected to sensors to record the consumption of goods or track when maintenance is due.

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