Cut integration efforts by half with a low-code platform

Launch faster with Intershop's Integration Hub, a low-code integration platform that easily connects your business applications and data sources to the Intershop Commerce Platform, simplifying complex ERP integrations and legacy systems.

Pre-configured connectors

Save time on development by using business configuration to map custom fields for orders, products, customers, inventory, and pricing.

Move from CAPEX to OPEX

A pay-as-you go model with lower upfront cost and greater flexibility to start at a lower capacity and scale as your own pace.

Low-code management

Simply configure the endpoints for systems of record. Integration Hub will handle all authentication and data exchange between applications.

Integration Hub capabilities

A better way to move data from various endpoints across any infrastructure

“Today, it is impossible to imagine our business without a digital commerce platform.”

Nathalie Chapusot

Director of Marketing, Sales and E-Commerce

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