Go digital and sell faster

Customers already expect you to be online. Give your sales teams a boost by digitising the sales process, so they can spend 40% less time on manual tasks, while watching your business grow by 20% with new and existing customers.

Watch your business grow without the manual work

Why waste time doing repetitive work when it can be automated? Sit back and let Intershop do the work for you.

Save time on manual support tasks so your team can focus on more strategic work

Get things done faster and more accurately so you can scale with ease.

Know when to check in with customers. Remind them to change spare parts or accessories when it’s time, recommend the best promotions, and let them know when their usual items are running low on inventory.

Convert offline sales, online

The future of B2B sales is hybrid. Give customers more autonomy with self-serve options that empower them, and provide support where it is needed. Intershop offers the ideal combination so your customers can find the best offline-online balance.

Self-service capabilities

People have different timelines. Give users the flexibility to do what they need, whenever they need to.

Product research

Let customer look up detailed product information, reviews, marketing content and information around equipment spare parts and accessories

Internal approval process

Let customer look up detailed product information, reviews, marketing content and information around equipment spare parts and accessories

End-to-end quotation

Set up rules, submit quotes and run approvals, and check out approved quotes

Place an order from a pre-configured cart or upload a file to order in bulk

Forget manual selection if you’re always placing the same orders. This also ensures consistency in product selection

Manage invoices and payments

See payment status, settle invoices, or direct card payments to the person-in-charge

One-stop shop for value-added services

Here’s your ultimate toolkit for sales to upsell and provide a top-notch service

Assign a dedicated sales team

Help clients respond to quotes, view customer’s orders, and other customer-specific information

Place an order on behalf of customers

Login as your customer to place an order or troubleshoot an issue

Actionable analytics

Gain insights into customer behaviour, preferences, and purchase history to personalise offerings and improve customer experiences

Get insights into product relationships and life cycles

Link accessories, spare parts, refills, and more, so customers can always find what they’re looking for

Drive user adoption

Run campaigns to drive sign-ups, repeat sales, test customer targeting with flexible rule-based promotions

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